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Assisting individuals with Hair care in nursing

Assisting individuals with Hair care in nursing
Hair care is again a significant part of the grooming process and the attention given to this activity often reflects how a client feels. The condition of the hair and scalp can also be a good indicator of a client’s general health; therefore regular attention to this aspect of care is important. The client’s gender, cultural and racial preferences need to be taken into account when assisting in grooming of the hair, and under no circumstances should a client’s hair be cut without their express permission. The client’s level of independence needs to be considered when undertaking your initial and subsequent assessments, along with any contra-indications to this procedure, such as arthritis or head and neck injuries, which may affect their ability to become involved. Washing the client’s hair may take place whilst they are confined to bed or, if mobile, the client can be accompanied to the washroom and sit at the sink.

In order to wash a client’s hair in bed, the following equipment is needed:
• face flannel
• towels
• shampoo/hair conditioner
• bowl of warm water for pouring
• container or inflatable shampooette to collect used water
• jug of water
• waterproof sheeting to protect bed
• plastic apron
• brush/comb
• surface for equipment
• hairdryer.

Two nurses can best perform this procedure, as one can support the client’s head whilst the other pours the water, shampoo, etc. Infestation with head lice can be successfully treated with proprietary medications such as Benzyl Benzoate, Malathion, Carbaryl or Permethrin.

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